The Smashing Pumpkins have been busy releasing new music ever since leader Billy Corgan announced his 44-song project ‘Teargarden by Kaleidyscope’ in 2009. The band is about to release ‘Oceania,’ an “album within an album.” Drummer Mike Byrne describes the record as “a whole different set of ascetics.”

Speaking to Music Radar, Byrne talked about how the experience was working on ‘Oceania.’

“The band as a whole worked on that on a creative level,” he says. “Billy and I have been making music since I got hired. We’re working on the overarching project ‘Teargarden by Keildyscope’ which is the free 44-song deal. I’d never been in a real professional studio so I had to learn the tricks of the trade and make it sound articulate like [former drummer] Jimmy [Chamberlin] was capable of doing.”

Byrne had to work hard to get over that learning curve, especially since he joined the band at the tender age of 19 in 2009. Recording ‘Oceania’ was no walk in the park.

“I’ll be honest, there were moments I was banging my head against the wall,” admits Byrne. “But I think the overall feel of the album benefits from it. I enjoyed having freedom and pocket on the record, it’s got a Zep-vibe in that way.”

‘Oceania’ will be available on June 19.

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