Earlier this year, Slash talked about how his mother started working as a costume designer for rock legend David Bowie after she split from his father and things took a romantic turn after a period of time. Now the guitar great is offering a few more details on his encounters with the “Thin White Duke” as a youth.

Speaking to Australia’s Triple M, “My mom started working professionally with David Bowie at first. I’m pretty sure that’s how it started and then it turned into some sort of mysterious romance that went on for a while after that. I was seven or eight years old. [Bowie] was always over and they were always together.”

Slash recalls one awkward moment: “I caught them naked once. They had a lot of stuff going on, but my perspective at eight was limited. Looking back on it, I knew exactly what was going on.”

Though the romance didn’t last, it did give Slash a wider appreciation of music as a youth. He explained that as a kid, he probably went to a few more Bowie performances than any of his friends did as a result of the relationship. He revealed earlier this year, “As I got older, then I started to realize that a lot of stuff that I had learned had sort of prepared me to deal with a lot of the stuff that I was dealing with in the present.”

Slash’s mother, Ola, passed away in 2009 after a battle with lung cancer. Listen to Slash’s recollection of his experiences with his mom and Bowie here.

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