Krokus singer Marc Storace says he turned down the chance to audition for AC/DC after Bon Scott passed away. Now that the band is rumored to be searching for a new singer once more, he wouldn't mind having another shot at the gig.

"I wasn't interested at all," Storace said in a 2013 interview when the subject of his brush with AC/DC came up. "I was happy in Switzerland, Krokus started just to break through internationally — even in the United States. We were number one everywhere. In the band, there was this great camaraderie. I did not wanted to leave to go anywhere else. I was here at home. I am a loyal dog."

The singer who ultimately got the job, Brian Johnson, has more than established himself during a nearly 40-year run with AC/DC. But in the wake of recent reports suggesting Johnson may no longer be able to tour due to hearing loss, Storace has made it clear he wouldn't turn down another audition — and has even hinted that talks may already have begun.

"There’s my loyalty to Krokus, but the guys would understand if the offer came and I would certainly take it up this time and go for an audition," Storace told BlastEcho. "Then it’s up to [AC/DC lead guitarist] Angus [Young] to decide. For me, AC/DC is Angus Young — no offense to Brian Johnson. I think Brian Johnson did a magnificent job with his special unique kind of voice. But losing your hearing is not a nice thing. It’s like losing our eyesight for a musician."

Asked whether anyone from the band had reached out to him, Storace admitted they hadn't, but seemed to suggest that he'd received overtures from execs at Krokus and AC/DC's shared label, Sony. "I actually didn’t even have to call Sony. They were already on the ball," said Storace. "This thing is not an easy thing to decide. I don’t know what’s happening and I don’t wanna ask. I’m concentrating on my life and if they decide it’s gonna be someone else, I’ll continue with my life like I’ve always [done]."

Should it not work out with Storace for whatever reason, AC/DC have another offer from Hives singer Howlin’ Pelle Almqvist, who took to the band's Facebook page to avail his services. "That man is a legend. I would like offer my sincerest well wishes and get wells," Almqvist wrote of Johnson. "And if any help is needed I put my foot forward and say: HERE I AM!"

Going on to offer his unique qualifications for the job, Almqvist wrote, "I have many many years of experience rocking the worlds biggest stages and according to others I am the greatest frontman in rock, plus judging from the reaction in Australia your crowd already seems to really like me. Plus, I have already been singing those songs since I was 6 years old. So ‪#‎ACDC‬ please consider my application!"

According to AC/DC lore, the band also considered Moxy singer Buzz Shearman after Scott's passing, and although Shearman died in 1983, they could still have an outside shot at another artist on their earlier wish list: former Slade vocalist Noddy Holder. "I was approached," Holder admitted in a 2000 interview. "AC/DC did offer me the job, and I turned it down — so they went and got the guy from the band Geordie, Brian Johnson, who sounded exactly like me anyway."

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