How do you punish a kid for misbehaving in class?  Make them do yard work for free!  That’s what one Shreveport mom did when her son was suspended from school.

WESH Channel 2 reports on Demetris Payne and how she punished her son for getting suspended from school for three days. So she thought of a clever way for him to spend his stayacation.

She went to her Facebook page and offered her son, Jadarien, to do yard work for FREE as his punishmen!  She wrote the following:

My son has been suspended for three days from school for discipline.  He will do your lawn service, he will rake your yard, mow if you supply the mower, pick up trash, or wash your car for free. Maximum three hours. If anyone has a rake they would like to donate will be awesome.

Her post was shared over 300 times and the calls came in so much that she had to create a schedule to keep track of his new work schedule.  Suffice it to say, the young man has been very busy with his new job and mom said it's not about punishing him, but teaching him about discipline.

After his three-day suspension was over Jadarien was very delighted to go back to school.

The moral of this story is, "It take a village to raise a child".  Hopefully Jadarien will stay focused on his studies. And who knows, the next time he does lawn service he could actually get paid!

Kudos mom for a very creative punishment that is something I would have definitely done with my boys.

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