This is a huge relief for people who hate trying on clothes.  We can't!  But for how long?

As retail stores open up most fitting rooms are staying closed, and so far I've found this to be great justification for buying things I would normally be a little iffy about. Before, I might have tried the shorty shorts on, but now they're going home with me and my crossed fingers.  If they're a little too short I'll return them later, or wait until one of the kids grows into them.  But so far, no fitting room equals no problem.

Not every fitting room in every store is closed, but most seem to be.  The Today Show said many stores are keeping fitting rooms closed and holding items that were tried on or returned for 24 hours before placing them on store racks.

If someone does the math, they'll probably find that there are one billion things that we're thinking about now, that we've never thought of before.  Like, should I really buy that cute tank that someone else just touched?  Yes, because I'm not going to live in fear.  But it's also nice that the stores are thinking of these things for us, and holding items back that have had human interaction just to be safe.

Keeping fitting rooms closed probably won't last forever.  There is no firm date for opening them, but as the governor lifts more restrictions and the CDC tweaks guidelines for retail stores, the option of trying things on at the store will come back.

For now, it's best to be sure of your size.

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