Tonight you can see two planets very close to each other in the night sky.

Head out just after sunset to see both Venus and Jupiter. Venus will be the second brightest object in the sky behind the moon. If you look in the southwest sky one hour after sunset, you can see both planets. Saturn will almost appear directly above Venus.

Saturn will first appear 30 minutes after sunset (5:16 pm), then 15 minutes later we should see Venus. One thing we will have to contend within the night sky is the moon. The moon will be 98 percent full and will be out all night until it sets at 5:30 am the next morning.

When looking for the planets, look for what appear to be the two brightest stars in the night sky. However, the planets won’t twinkle like stars will. That’s because they’re not emitting light. Stars emit light, whereas planets just reflect light. Again Venus will be the brighter of the two, outshining Saturn by more than 60 times.

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