Sebastian Bach has turned around some pretty solid records in the last few years, but the next words he writes may not be for a new album. The singer tells the Macomb Daily that he’s been approached to write a book about his life story.

The vocalist predicts that if he accepts the offer, his memoir could “make Motley Crue‘s ‘The Dirt’ look clean.” He adds, “It seems like such an overwhelming project, so don’t hold your breath for it. It has to blow me away before I release it. I want to write it by myself. I look at Duff McKagan’s book, Dee Snider’s book, they wrote them by themselves and they’re amazing books. So I might try, but if it doesn’t put goosebumps on my arm I won’t put it out.”

In addition to his life as a rocker, Bach has had a pretty interesting few years off the road. In recent years, he’s divorced, found love again, and had his New Jersey home destroyed by Hurricane Irene. “It’s ridiculously weird,” says the singer. “Nobody evacuated my family, and after the hurricane passed, the water was up to the second level of our home. The basement was completely submerged, and they sent dive teams with scuba gear into my basement looking for dead bodies. That doesn’t happen everyday.”

All Bach can do is laugh about the experience, adding, “Who goes through this? Most rockers or entertainers lose their big mansions and homes they bought from rock ‘n’ roll because of rock ‘n’ roll. And mine gets wiped out by a hurricane. That’s too much.”

At present, Bach has a handful of dates scheduled for the remainder of the year. Stops in Halifax, Nova Scotia (Sept. 28), Oshawa, Ontario (Sept. 29), and Las Vegas, Nev. (Oct. 13) are currently the only North American stops remaining.

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