Before streaming became the most popular form of music consumption, buying tangible albums was the way many people discovered new artists. Sebastian Bach's first experience buying a Metallica album was very unique, in that he only purchased it because he thought they were ugly.

The singer recalled the memory during an interview with RadioactiveMike Z. Having grown up in a small town in Canada, Bach discovered Metallica's 1983 debut Kill 'Em All in the imports section of his local record store. His story proves that the packaging of a product can make or break how well it sells. 

"I was flipping through the albums, and this was in total glam days of Motley Crue and Wrathchild and all these glam bands," the singer remembered of the imports section at the time. "I saw Metallica's Kill 'Em All, and it didn't have a picture on the front. So I picked it up, turned it around and I looked at the picture on the back of Kill 'Em All and I go, 'Holy fuck. These are the ugliest [guys] I've ever seen in my life.'"

"I go, 'Look at these guys.' I go, 'How can this be their picture of their band?'" he continued. "And I bought it right there because I thought they looked so terrible."

Despite Bach's initial opinion of Metallica's appearance, he admitted he became a fan and saw them play live in Toronto while they were touring in support of their debut. Then, he bought their 1984 follow-up Ride the Lightning the day it came out.

"I've been a Metallica fan since before they were big. When I bought that Metallica album, Anvil was 20 times bigger than Metallica. So, fathom that," he concluded.

Bach is currently wrapping up a North American tour in celebration of the 30th anniversary of Skid Row's Slave to the Grind. See the remaining stops on his run here.

Sebastian Bach Bought Metallica's First Album Because He Thought They Were Ugly

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