I am ashamed to say it but I have not tried Tyler's most popular Mexican restaurant yet. They opened their first restaurant in 2020 on Gentry Parkway and quickly rose to stardom in Tyler, Texas. A second location had to be opened in 2021 which only grew their popularity. Now comes the news of a third location set to open soon somewhere on South Broadway in Tyler. This restaurant that everyone is gushing about is Ruby's Mexican Restaurant.

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The tease went up on the Ruby's Mexican Restaurant Facebook page on Tuesday.

Ruby's Mexican Restaurant via Facebook
Ruby's Mexican Restaurant via Facebook

No exact location was given only a coming soon. Personally, I have not taken the time to stop by and try their food. But everyone around me says its some of the best food they've ever had, period. This third location in the Southern portion of Tyler is only going to grow Ruby's popularity.

One of my cohorts here at the station wrote about his first visit to Ruby's Mexican Restaurant in 2021. He gushed about the Doblados, or the number 1. There are several meats to choose from for the dish but he choose steak. He was also impressed with the cheese stuffed taco shells.

Tylerites have fallen in love with Ruby's Mexican Restaurant so much that they came to the defense of the restaurant when someone went to social media to voice their displeasure of the food from the restaurant. It was a short critique but one that many did not approve of. This one person's opinion did not sway anyone else's fandom of the restaurant, however.

Again, I'm embarrassed that I haven't given Ruby's Mexican Restaurant a try. I'll have no excuse now once this new location opens.

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