Harvey Hall Convention Center in Tyler has been a staple of the city since the early 70's. Approval came a couple of years ago to replace the outdated building and bring in a more modern facility that could provide even more for the city. Through the pandemic and some short delays due to supply issues, the new Rose Complex Convention Center is expected to open some time in October. A new spending approval proves how close that opening is.

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You can drive by and see the outside progress of the new Rose Complex Convention Center on Front Street in Tyler. It will look very sleek, very modern and be a better service to Tyler once it's complete. October is the scheduled date for completion and it looks like that opening date is in reach.

For proof, the City of Tyler gave approval for $1.1 million to be spent on purchasing furniture and technology, including networking computers and for distributing Wi-Fi, for the complex. The furniture is being designed specifically for the convention center with a feel that Deputy City Manager Stephanie Franklin told KLTV about,

That chic, garden feel because we are at the rose garden. The building was somewhat modeled after a garden type of facility, especially with all the glass.

In total, $1.2 million was set aside for these purchases so its nice to hear that they were able to come in just below that amount for these purchases. It'll be exciting to see the new convention center when it finally opens at the end of October. It'll be cool to see what new events this more modern facility will bring to Tyler.

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