The Rolling Stones have set Hackney Diamonds as the title of their new studio album, their first in 18 years. A new website has also been launched, teasing the new song "Don't Get Angry With Me," but some technical issues, which may be intentional, are making some fans angry!

Early in 2023, it was confirmed that Beatles legend Paul McCartney plays bass on one track off the forthcoming Stones album, which ignited even greater anticipation for the band's first batch of original material since 2005's A Bigger Bang, with the 2016 covers album Blue & Lonesome standing in between.

More details about the record are expected to be unveiled tomorrow (Sept. 6) during a livestream YouTube event, broadcasting from the Hackney district of East London. The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon host Jimmy Fallon will also be on site to interview the rock icons.

For now, fans can attempt to hear a song teaser via a new website bearing the song's title. Unfortunately, however, the page routinely fails to full load, resulting in a server error which asks the user to try again by refreshing the page.

Head here to try for yourself.

Fans have been expressing discontent at their inability to hear the audio teaser, which has been met with playful responses from The Rolling Stones, as seen below.

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It looks like quite the windup as anticipation for new music continues to mount.

At least one person was able to get the webpage to load and the 16-second "Don't Get Angry With Me" clip was uploaded to YouTube.

Listen below.

Teaser: The Rolling Stones, "Don't Get Angry With Me"

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