Pink Floyd icon Roger Waters plans to release an album of the solo songs he recorded and released online since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to UCR.

Are you ready for new Waters? Technically, his last solo album was his 2018 classical recording of Igor Stravinsky's The Solider's Tale. In 2020, he released Us + Them, a live album and concert film.

"There will be an album coming out, a new album called The Lockdown Sessions," Waters tells The Grayzone. "I've given all these things away. They're all out there; anybody can find them on the internet."

What Waters means is that the songs have all previously emerged. From May 2020 through this year, the rocker recorded multiple at-home versions of Pink Floyd classics plus his own solo material. (That included songs from Pink Floyd albums such as The Wall.)

Waters subsequently shared each tune with fans via YouTube or social media. But soon, they'll come out combined as one cohesive album.

But that's not all. Waters also confirmed he’s working on a new studio album built around "The Bar," his piano ballad that also arrived during the pandemic. The tune has become a centerpiece at Waters' concerts — he played it at all but one of his shows in 2022.

Further, the Pink Floyd alum's "This Is Not a Drill" tour picks back up in March 2023.

Watch the Waters interview below.

Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters joins The Grayzone's Max Blumenthal and Anya Parampil, and Going Underground host Afshin Rattansi to discuss his politically charged 'This Is Not a Drill' world tour and the creative process behind his pandemic-era ballad, 'The Bar.' Waters also lets loose on the Ukrainian proxy war, Israeli apartheid and social media censorship.

Roger Waters on The Grayzone - Oct. 26, 2022

Roger Waters, "The Bar" (Live) - July 8, 2022

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