I ran across an interesting story this morning on Loudwire.com, and wanted to share.  Rockers like Nickelback, Hinder, Saving Abel, and 3 Doors Down are sending out prayers and condolences to the family's of the victims of Saturday's horrific stage collapse.  More after the jump.

We reported the news of the stage collapse on Saturday.

The incident occurred at about 9 p.m., just before country band Sugarland was scheduled to perform. The crowd was already being directed to a nearby building because of the impending storm when the rigging toppled over.YouTube users uploaded several videos of the stage collapse, including a horrifying video showing the stage wobbling and finally falling under the pressure of the wind as audience members screamed.

Here's one of the tweets from Saving Abel as reported by Loudwire.com:

savingabel (@savingabel): Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone involved in the tragedy at the Indiana State Fair…such a sad night.


Check out more of the tweets at Loudwire.com.