Do you pay attention to whether the lyrics in your favorite songs are sophisticated, or do you just want words that are relatable with a catchy beat?

A few classic rockers made the "most sophisticated" list.  In other words, sometimes we hear a song and we're like, "what was that about again?"  And it's still popular and awesome.

The British tabloid, The Mirror, came up with the list, and said these artists are among those with the most refined and least refined lyrics.  Those numbers next to their names show how many years of education we have to have to fully understand the lyrics.  Who knew!

Depeche Mode -- 10.3
Elton John -- 9.3
Dire Straits -- 9.2
Rod Stewart -- 8.7
Queen -- 8.5
Def Leppard -- 8.5
And here are the acts with the least sophisticated lyrics:

Led Zeppelin -- 4.4
The Who -- 5.3
The Beatles -- 5.7
Jethro Tull -- 6.1
Fleetwood Mac -- 6.5

The Beatles?  Really?  It's all relative anyway, and either you like it or you don't I suppose.  The Beatles have had a pretty great career with their "unsophisticated lyrics" and something tells me they won't be bothered by what The Mirror says.  But it does make me want to listen with a new perspective to see if I can figure out what make something unsophisticated.  "Let It Be" seems pretty sophisticated to me.