Members of Yes & Fleetwood Mac both just announced a series of shows across the USA, but neither is coming to the Lone Star State, or any nearby venue.  That just doesn't make sense!  

Coming off their Rock Hall induction last Friday night, Jon Anderson, Trevor Rabin, & Rick Wakeman, who toured for the past couple years as ARW, have now taken back the original group moniker Yes.  In revealing their decision & upcoming concert itinerary, the band's website explains that Anderson is co-owner of the Yes trademark, & re-branding their band is what fans wanted.

Th only problem:  longtime Yes members Steve Howe & Alan White also have a band actively performing under that name.  Best guess is there are some lawyers with dollar signs in their eyes right now.  Yes featuring Anderson, Rabin, & Wakeman will do 24 dates between late-August & mid-October, but the closest they'll come to us is a Kansas City stop on September 5th.

The other big names confirming a new live concert schedule:  Lindsey Buckingham & Christine McVie of Fleetwood Mac.  It's no secret they've been working on an album together, & now that project's details are made official, along with a 14-date supporting tour.  The album, simply titled Lindsey Buckingham/Christine McVie, gets released on June 9th, with the live shows happening late June through late July.  Nashville on June 23rd is as near to this area as the Buckingham/McVie performances will be.

The fact that no Texas stops are included among either the Yes or Buckingham/McVie itineraries is rather amazing.  Add in nothing slotted for Louisiana or Oklahoma - it's very unusual.  Maybe more dates are still being negotiated.  That's the only logical conclusion we can draw at this point.  Time will tell... and we'll keep you updated here if they add some stops in the lone star state.


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