Back in 1986, when news was still on a newspaper, Ozzy Osbourne was to play a show at the Oil Palace in Tyler. This, of course, when the Oil Palace was in it's heyday.

Alas, it never happened in East Texas because of alleged threats against concert goers and protests from religious groups.

Former Sheriff J.B.Smith is quoted on

We gathered information that some dynamite was going to be thrown from passing cars at these innocent people.

Ozzy had already been criticized for some of his antics including biting the head off of a bat and peeing on the Alamo.

The Wednesday before the Tyler show, Ozzy was in Corpus Christi. People's Baptist Church tried to convince the city council there not to allow the show to happen. It did.

I remember many rumors and stories about this concert. One story I recall hearing is that the show was still going to happen but protesters blocked Ozzy's tour bus from getting into Tyler and had to cancel at the last minute.

Another I heard was that someone was going to blow up the Oil Palace.

I have nothing to back up either of these stories, because they're, well, stories.

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