Almost everyone in America enjoys a refreshing and the super energy of a Red Bull every once in a while. Wether the red Bull fix comes from the can or from a Jager Bomb, people are obsessed with the "liquid crack." Sugar free and regular are the normal options for this caffeine fizz. But, there are three new flavors in town. 

The only other choice you have to make when it comes to picking a Red Bull up from the store is what size you want. They range from normal (just enough), a little bit bigger (jitter city), large (climbing on the walls), and MEGA HUGE (this Red Bull really will gives you wings to fly all the way to the freaking moon).

Now, you can expand your addiction to this energy drink with three new flavors.

This will take the normal Red Bull taste and fancy it up with a little cranberry flavor. Sounds like a great mix for a hybrid vodka/cranberry and a vodka/Red Bull.

With the addition of blueberry flavoring, this version of the regular Red Bull will be a great adventure in caffeination.

For a zingy twist, this Red Bull with a hint of lime will definitely get you salsa dancing.

These might not be too bad. But, what do you think?