Temperatures for the rest of April and May are supposed to be below normal, but after June, things may really heat up.  Just not as much as usual in East Texas.  Really!

The City of Tyler just announced that after being affected last summer because of COVID, Fun Forest Pool will be open this summer.  Yay, yay, yay.  We may need it.  The plan is to open the pool in May.

The predictions are that temperatures in East Texas will be cooler than usual this summer.  What?!  We made it through so many surprising things in the past year, and now this shocker that our summer may not be the scorcher that we're used to.

This may change the way a girl takes a dip in a chilly pool.  There will be no getting in gradually, first a big toe, then five minutes of ankle wading, then venturing in up to the knees, then up to the hips for five minutes, the rib cage for two to three minutes, and finally, the shoulders get wet. Hop in Mama!   Kids always jump right in and deal with the pain later, and this summer it may be best to join them.

People Magazine pointed out that summer temperatures have generally gone up two degrees over the past forty years or so, and this summer is expected to be warmer than that, on average, for the U.S. as a whole.  La Niña will be part of what creates higher temperatures. That cools the water in part of the Pacific Ocean and peaks in the fall, then weakens in the spring.  Now is about the time the lid starts to come off of the La Niña sauna jar.  Climate change and yearly weather patterns contribute too.

The Farmer's Almanac predicts cooler than normal temperatures for Tyler in June, July, and August, but there will be plenty of streaks where temperatures heat up. The Almanac said the hottest periods are expected in mid-June, mid-to-late July, and mid-August.

At least we won't be cooped up in the house this summer.  In addition to Fun Forest Pool, it looks like the City of Tyler is planning to open up the splash pads in May too.  Even if it's not a hundred degrees in East Texas for three weeks in a row, it will still be refreshing.  I'm going all in.

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