Ok, I have a confession to make!  I love French fries and chicken nuggets. Probably a little more than I should. However, with my schedule, you can find me at a fast food restaurant drive-thru on occasion. I don't know about you, but I always find myself being somewhat of a circus act trying to have it all - eating while driving AND getting to use your dipping sauce like a boss.

Somebody's been watching over me because Food Beast introduced the creation of the “Dip Clip” - perfect for holding your favorite sauce while eating fries or nuggets on the go.  The invention was created by Milkmen Design.

The “Dip Clip” seems to be a popular up-and-coming idea know that their Kickstarter has over 1,600 backers with over 4,500 Dip Clips already ordered!  The Dip Clip also comes with a container of it's own so you can add your own favorite sauce to dip with your favorite food.  I am definitely going to invest in one so I can practice "Safe Sauce" and save money on detailing my car.

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