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There is some road construction that is in it's early stages in Lubbock for Loop 88. While TxDOT crews were doing an environmental impact study, they found various bones fragments in a field just east of FM 179.

Kylan Francis, director of Transportation Planning and Development, told, "During the first dig they found a few fragments of bones so they felt like more investigation needed to happen. We called our archaeologists that are on staff at TxDOT in Austin."

Those archaeologists dug about five to ten feet and found more bones.

Francis said it's actually a common occurrence to find mammoth bones in Texas.

"It's interesting for us, too, even though it may create a little bit more paperwork for us," Francis said. "It's still an interesting site. We will finish our report and environmental clearance really quick. "We will probably have to do more investigation later."

More analysis is needed to determine if they really are mammoth bones and how old those bones are.

This discovery is not expected to delay the project. Construction isn't set to begin until 2021.

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