Could the end of the beloved, creme-filled sponge cakes be at hand?

According to CNN MONEY, yes.

In a letter Hostess management sent to employees on Monday regarding a possible strike and it’s repercussions,

We would no longer have cash to keep operating. All Hostess Brands operations would shut down and liquidation would begin. The 18,500 jobs, plus the health insurance that comes with them, would be lost for good.

Personally I can’t remember the last time I ate a  Twinkie. So I’m not too upset about losing the cake treat. What does not bode well for any of us and the economy though, is those 18,500 jobs that would be lost.

Here’s how we fix it. Everyone go buy a package of Twinkies today, it couldn’t hurt. Maybe it’d make a difference. I’m buying a whole box today.

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