Our East Texas police officers have a job that none of us would be willing to do. Some have found it easy to armchair quarterback the decisions they make having no idea the stress they are under during a tough situation. That's why it is our job as your local radio station to pass along a story like this out of Rains County where the sheriff's department and City of Point police went above and beyond to help out one of the citizens they serve.

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A 911 call came in Sunday, May 22, to Rains County Dispatch of a woman's dog being attacked by her neighbor's dogs. Officers arrived to find the 83-year-old woman's dog had been killed in the attack. Instead of "so sorry for your loss" and going about their day, Rains County officers and Point police officers sat down and talked with the resident.

They learned she had been widowed for about 15 years and the dog had been her companion for the past four years. The dog helped her get out of bed each morning and get moving. She also had no relatives living in the area.

Officers noticed her yard had not been mowed in quite some time and limbs were scattered throughout her yard. That's when a Rains County Sheriff's deputy went home, loaded up his mower and came back to mow her yard. While this errand was being run, Rains police officers took the time to make a cross and properly bury the woman's dog.


On Sunday afternoon, a 911 call came into Rains County Dispatch. An 83 year old...

Posted by Point Police Department on Sunday, May 22, 2022

If you haven't welled up with tears yet, this will get you.

They reached out to the Winnsboro Animal Shelter and will surprise her with a new dog.

Point Police Department via Facebook
Point Police Department via Facebook

Our police officers are trained to protect its citizens and uphold the law. They also serve the communities they protect. This is an example of that service. Thank you to the Rains County Sheriff's Department and to the Point Police Department for showing true service to your community.

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