Ozzy Osbourne admitted that one of the songs on his upcoming album Patient Number 9 may be controversial. The song, "One of Those Days," contains the lyric: "One of those days that I don't believe in Jesus." "That's going to cause shit, I suppose," the former Black Sabbath singer admitted to Classic Rock magazine.

Still, he doesn't want listeners to get the wrong idea. "It's not an 'I am an anti-Christ song,'" he explained. "It's about those days when everything goes fucking wrong, and you're going nuts trying to fix everything up."

Osbourne revealed that when Eric Clapton, who plays guitar on the track, first heard the line, he was apprehensive. "He said: 'Oh, I'm not sure about that lyric,'" Osbourne recalled. "So we tried to replace it with some alternatives. We did 'One of those days where I don't believe in Christmas,' but it didn't sound right. Losing faith in Jesus makes much more sense when the world is turning to shit."

The singer noted he's proud of the upcoming LP, which also features appearances by Jeff Beck, Duff McKagan and the late Taylor Hawkins, among others. "I think that song and the whole album turned out great," he said. "But, that said, I've never gone into the studio and said, 'This time I think I'll make a bad record.' The best record is always the one you do next."

There's one goal Osbourne still hopes to reach. "I still want to have a number one record in England," he said. "And this album is worthy of being the one. No one thought Sabbath would hit number one with our last album, 13, so why not dream? I've done my best and I'm happy, now it's up to the fans to decide its fate. Whatever happens, I won't let the world forget about me."

Patient Number 9 comes out on Sept. 9.

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