Kyle Rodas, was diagnosed with brain cancer in October. On Monday, the family shared their son's story with KTLA and told the television station that it would be a dream come true for Kyle to meet one of his favorite rock bands which are Linkin Park, Green Day, or Ozzy Osbourne. With the power of media, Kyle's wish is coming true by the band members themselves. Check out the inspirational story and video after the jump.

Less than 24 hours after the story aired, Ozzy Osbourne took it upon himself to give the cancer-stricken teen a call. Ozzy told Kyle that as soon as he returns from his Summer European Tour, he would be paying him a visit. His last words on the phone were "Hang in there."  Kyle's parents say that he was overjoyed with Ozzy's call. Later that day, KTLA received word that the drummer for Linkin Park, Rob Bourdon, went to visit the dying teen. Then, on Wednesday, Chester, the lead vocalist for Linkin Park payed Kyle a warming visit. Check out the video below.

Ozzy Osbourne is known as the 'Prince of Darkness' and most people do not think of him as a gentle man. This shows and proves that he has a heart bigger than people may think. Linkin Park is known for doing anything and everything they can for the world. I can not applaud them enough for the time and energy they put into making a difference. Right on Rock Stars!

What would YOUR final wish be?

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