In your travels, you have noticed some entertaining personalized license plates. However, not every request for a personalized plate is accepted. Looking through the list provided by the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles, I saw some that would look quite well on someone's vehicle. Others would make you give a funny look to the driver.

Here are our seven favorites from the list rejected through the first quarter of this year.


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    So this person must be a bit of an introvert. Be careful giving them a glance as you pass in traffic, you may get that upside down smile in return.

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    For you oil guys out there, this one is for you. Except that the Texas DMV did not accept this as a plate. Why? Maybe it's already taken? Maybe the approver person drives a hybrid.

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    I'm a single dude. And to be honest, being the smart alec that I am, I would put this on my car. But, alas, this was not accepted either. If you're interested, however, you can send to...(boss unplugs keyboard).

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    This would be for one of them foreigners from the North, like (in my best Ole El Paso yell) New York City?! This one is worthy of a decline.

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    In today's political climate, this could either be funny or not so funny. Based on the later, not having this as your plate makes good sense.

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    This would make any highly jealous woman give you a look that would melt your door off. Plus, these plates are good for a year. What if you did find a steady man? Things that make you go hmmm.

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    What would this sandwich be at the golden arches? Is this a good or bad name for the person behind the wheel? This one was worthy of rejection.

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