I've heard of "Drunk as a skunk" before, but "Drunk as an… opossum?"  In Fort Walton Beach, Florida an opossum broke into a Florida liquor store and drank bourbon (good choice) until it became too intoxicated to move.

KIII TV reports a store employee found the critter on a shelf next to a broken empty bottle of bourbon. It was disoriented, excessively salivating and was pale. The store contacted Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge where they pumped the animal full of fluids to get rid of the alcohol toxins and cared for the opossum until it sobered up, which took about two days.

The store owner mentioned it never had an opossum break in before.  The animal must have come through the rafters and that’s how the bottle must have gotten knocked off the shelf and the animal drank pretty much the entire bottle.

Once treated and cleared the opossum was released.

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