Can you imagine being without electricity for months?  That would change daily routines to say the least.  About eighty percent of the power has been restored in Puerto Rico after last year's monster hurricane, and they have East Texas utility workers to thank for some of that.  

It was hard work, but a team from Oncor managed to help restore power to more than four thousand people in Puerto Rico last month.  They just got back from their trip, and talked to KLTV about the experience.

It wasn't just a little bit of work here and there.  Holy cow.  Crews worked 16 hours a day for 7 days a week, for almost 45 days, and was especially hard because the terrain was unfamiliar and the storm damage was severe.  There were a lot of obstacles to work around, not to mention missing family and friends, and the comforts of Texas while they were away.

But they said it was all worth it.  After working on a line for hours and finally having success getting the power back on, the guys would be greeted with cheers from the crowds that had gathered to watch.  Like it was a football game.  That's something that doesn't happen in East Texas!  We should totally cheer more.  What would be do without our phones and computers for months?  We won't take lights and working outlets for granted anymore guys.  Thanks for doing what you do.

This is a good reminder that the hurricane recovery efforts are ongoing after Harvey, Irma, and Maria hit last year.  Right, Houston?  Some residents there feel forgotten months after the storm, but there is still a lot to do.  The power is on, but the rebuild will take several more months if not years.  But if the role models at Oncor are any indication, Texans will keep stepping up to help out.

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