This ain't a pretty sight.

A fan known as Jiggly Boy became a cult hero back in 2003 by dancing shirtless at Minnesota Timberwolves games before Kevin Garnett was traded to the Celtics.

Well, now that Garnett is back, Jiggly Boy decided, "Hey, what the heck? I'll come back, too."

And did he ever. Jiggly Boy (real name John Sweeney, age 49) brought his act back during Garnett's first home game back with Minnesota last week, dancing with the words "Welcome home KG" on his chest. He's part of the shirtless middle-aged dancing brigade which is slowly taking over pro sports. Someone make it stop. Please.

Sweeney said the team called him to see if he'd be open to resurrecting the routine. Not only was he open to it, he also made sure his kids, ages 9 and 11, got in on the fun, too.

So, Sweeney is now officially a 49-year-old man who takes his shirt off and dances in front of thousands of people. That just sounds (and looks) wrong, but he's definitely a better fan than your garden variety drunk who can't hold his liquor. And, hey, it's Minnesota, which in winter is colder than anywhere except your freezer, so let him enjoy the balmy beach climate the arena provides. Just know you've been warned.

Is Sweeney worried his kids will get the wrong message about his shirtless antics? Nah.

“We had a good philosophical discussion on the car ride home about when it’s appropriate to take your shirt off,” he said.

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