The energy industry continues to grow, and Texas may be benefiting from the oil and natural gas boom.

But as USA Today points out, all of the growth and success doesn't come without a few headaches.

The Eagle Ford Shale is gaining a lot of new focus for oil and gas drilling companies, and although it covers primarily South Texas, there is a portion of if that stretches north and reaches a spot between Lufkin and Houston, near Grimes and Walker Counties.

Could you imagine leasing your land for millions of dollars per month, to companies that want to see what's below it? The USA Today article published last night says that's happening now, and that some people in careers that aren't typically lucrative, have left their jobs thanks to the freedom that has come from leasing land to the oil and gas industry.

How far will the boom stretch? No one knows for sure how long it will last, or how many people will benefit. But as of right now, it shows no signs of slowing down or stopping.

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