Can you tell me how to get to ‘Occupy Sesame Street’? Grover’s in trouble!

Spawned from the far-more-serious Occupy Wall Street movement, which has now spread to 25 cities, the Occupy Sesame Street spoof has invaded the Web. It’s about time Kermit and the gang stood up for employee rights at the Jim Henson Workshop.

The latest hot Internet trend started on September 30 with a tweet from Demo, a Brooklyn-based design studio…

Urgent phone call to roommates #occupysesamestreet

… and this photo, urging college students to skip class and watch Radiohead perform live at the protests:


According to Mother Jones, while the tweet was funny, the meme itself didn’t take off until comedian Patton Oswalt got involved on October 3, tweeting out his own take to his nearly half a million followers:

Patton Oswalt Twitter

Even controversial author Salman Rushdie had something to say about the whole thing:


Which got turned into this much-circulated image:


Rushdie linked to a page on — which, in response to reports of police brutality against the Occupy Wall Street protesters, posted a series of hilarious photos showing popular Sesame Street characters receiving the same treatment.


The meme now also has its own Facebook page with more than 28,000 “likes” and an official website. Write-ups about the “movement” have shown up in media sources such as the Los Angeles Times and the Huffington Post, proving that sometimes even the most serious situations call for a little levity now and then.

See more ‘Occupy Sesame Street’  photos over on Tauntr.

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