In the video, one of the taste testers asked, "Why are these bottles bigger than all of the rest?"

The answer was as we hoped: "Everything's bigger in Texas."

Gus Flores, a South Korean Chef who was trained by a few famous American Pitmasters decided to serve up brisket and such to a few North Korean refugees who normally don't get to eat food of such caliber. See how they liked some of the world famous Texas BBQ.

Flores runs Sweet Oak just outside of Seoul in South Korea. He's been trained to BBQ American style by award-winning Pitmasters as Harry Soo, Myron Mixon, and Konrad Haskins. All of them are featured on the TLC Television series, BBQ Pitmasters.

Why are these bottles bigger than all of the rest? The answer was as we hoped: 'Everything's bigger in Texas.'

Now to really give them a taste of real American BBQ, representatives from several regions brought over their respected sauces. These included LawLers Barbecue in Alabama, 12 Bones Smokehouse from North Carolina, Gates Bar-B-Q from Kansas City, and Texas' very own Rudy's Bar-B-Q. Apparently, no one from Memphis wanted to play.

They had a couple of big bottles of Rudy's sauce - Original and Sissy - they tried them with brisket at the 11:04 mark.

This video is really cool because you learn about the hardships North Korean refugees go through - a lot of what we Americans take for granted. Then you hear the American Pitmasters sing praise for Flores, saying how hard he has worked to perfect the BBQ craft and that it's paid off.

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