It appears that Nine Inch Nails mastermind Trent Reznor believes that the person most suited to interview him about their new disc ‘Hesitation Marks’ is…Trent Reznor.

There’s a bonus track listed as ‘Trent Reznor in a Conversation With… ‘ on the Deluxe Edition of ‘Hesitation Marks’ that had fans wondering who Trent might be opening up to, but it’s now been revealed that the conversation is Reznor talking openly to fans about the new release.

“So the intention here was to have a conversation. We were going to choose an interesting person to ask interesting questions and I would respond with interesting answers and we would have an interesting piece of audio to listen to,” Reznor explains as the recording begins. However that idea lost its luster as time passed and Reznor decided to just speak candidly into a hand held audio recorder.

The track clocks in at over forty minutes and has some hidden gems within it. Amidst his words, Reznor also shares first listens of two unreleased demos in addition to a demo of their song ‘Find My Way.’

Listen to the full track above to hear more about the making of ‘Hesitation Marks,’ Reznor’s desire to try new and spontaneous techniques throughout the creative process and a new approach to song arrangements, and get a unique, uninterrupted look inside the mind of Nine Inch Nails.

‘Hesitation Marks’ is due out on Sept. 3 but the full album is currently streaming in full at iTunes, check it out below:

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