Depending on how you feel about seeing Nikki Sixx naked onstage, his recent tweets will have you cheering for or against the New England Patriots when they play the Seattle Seahawks in the Super Bowl on Sunday.

The Motley Crue bassist is a longtime Seahawks fan, and he's so sure they'll pull off a victory at the big game this weekend that he's threatened -- or is that promised? -- to play a song at a concert without any clothes if the Patriots win.

Sixx spent part of his formative years in Seattle, which explains some of his passion for the team. But he also seems intent on knocking down his Twitter followers count, baiting New England fans with other tweets along the way.

If things don't go Seattle's way on Sunday, we're not sure where and when Sixx's au naturel performance will take place. The Crue will resume their Final Tour in Japan next month before returning to the States at the end of July for one last swing. They'll close out their touring career on New Year's Eve with one big show in Los Angeles.

But don't go away sad: The band has announced plans for a new compilation due later this year. The album's first single, a new song called 'All Bad Things,' has already been released.

2/1 Update: The Patriots won. Sixx tweeted this..

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