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It's well known that the entire ArkLaTex region is pretty popular for UFO sightings.  It seems like, especially in recent years, otherworldly craft seem to favor our part of the planet.  Now that the government has admitted that they exist, and quite possibly come from somewhere beyond this earth - more and more people feel confident enough to come forward of their tales of strange lights in the sky.

That means we have regional data on UFO's now

With more witnesses describing their experience with unidentified flying objects, researchers who log and track these sightings can do some pretty interesting things with the data.  One of those things is determining where and when these sightings are most likely to occur.  Those numbers have been crunched, and some interesting details about the hottest spots for way-out-of-towners have emerged.

MUFON is watching

One organized group of citizens concerned with just when and where these otherworldly visits are occurring is the Mutual UFO Network, or MUFON.  It's actually the largest and oldest UFO group made up of civilians, and there are chapters with members in every single state.  Their trained investigators have to sort through a lot of "noise" to find reports that fit their rigorous criteria.  Once they do, the information is recorded so it can be accessed an cross-checked.  It's one thing to believe we're not alone, but it takes an organization like this to find any kind of discernible and sane pattern in all of the literal craziness that is civilian reports of unidentified craft.

Our "visitors" seem to be less interested in Louisiana these days

Imagine for a second that these vehicles from "beyond this earth" are merely observation craft treating our planet like a zoo.  If that's the case, more and more of these sightseers are skipping the Louisiana exhibit altogether!  According to Mystery Wire's crunch of the data, the number of UFO sightings in the Bayou State are down overall.

Unarius Academy of Science Expects Flying Saucers in 2001
Photo by David McNew/Newsmakers

Although sightings were up nationally between 2019 and 2020 (when the show really began for folks tuned into channel "earth") 15 fewer strange and unexplainable things were spotted flying over the Sportsman's Paradise.  UFO Sightings in Louisiana fell from 80 in 2019 to 65 2020 (presumably because we couldn't see them through the mask-fog on our glasses).

Where did "they" go?

Texas, probably.  If "they" exist, it's possible that they're on the other side of the galaxy by now.  But, the same data that shows them leaving Louisiana also shows a spike in reports in the Lone Star State.  If these are truly beings from another world, and they are watching us, it stands to reason that they just flew over the border to check out things in Texas.  Is it barbecue?  Is it Bucky's?  Who knows, but that's why I go.

Texas is a magnet for UFOs

Not only is Texas possibly taking all of our alien attention, according to the data - they're becoming increasingly popular with out-of-towners.  The Lone Star State went from 498 "credible" reports in 2019 to 572 in 2020.  That jump  accounts for our missing 15 and then some.  in case you're wondering - that brings the 2-year total of not-entirely-crazy claims of a UFO sighting in Texas to 1070.

"UFO" Buildings Show In Rizhao
Photo by VCG/VCG via Getty Images

See the most popular spots in our country for "them"

Obviously, there's a lot of data to go through.  If you'd like to peruse it in order to understand the topic better (or to draw wild conclusions) there's an immense amount of it here.  Be warned, the folks at MUFON are meticulous.  There is a lot of information - definitely enough for you to get lost in for hours and want to buy aluminum foil for a new hat.

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