Today is the big day!  The new Red Hot Chili Peppers album, I'm With You, is available! This album is the group’s tenth studio effort, and it was produced by longtime collaborator Rick Rubin.  More after the jump.

The album was recorded partially in the scenic area of Big Sur in the Chili Peppers home state of California. I’m With You is the first album to feature the group’s new guitarist, Josh Klinghoffer, who replaced longtime member John Frusciante.  Here are some interviews from MTV with Rick Rubin, and Anthony Kiedis about the addition of Klinghoffer:

Rick Rubin on Josh joining the band

Anthony Kiedis on Josh joining the Chili Peppers


Here's more audio from Rubin,  Kiedis, and Flea about the new album and the recording process:


Anthony Kiedis on the best being yet to come

Rick Rubin on recording the album in Big Sur

Flea on working on the new album

Flea on what makes the new album great

Flea on lyrics

Anthony Kiedis on The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie

Anthony Kiedis with more on Rain Dance Maggie


RHCP fans can download the record today! Here's the video for the band’s first single that Anthony Kiedis was talking about. It's called “The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie.”

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