An East Texas lawmaker launched the idea, and it just got closer to becoming law this week when it was signed by Governor Greg Abbott.  The move will give those who serve in the military credit toward becoming a police officer.

House Bill 971 was written by Nacogdoches state Representative Travis Clardy, and after lawmakers approved it was signed by Gov. Greg Abbott last Saturday. Once the law takes effect on September 1, it will give those who served in the military credit toward becoming a law enforcement officer.  

I'm sure there are arguments against it, but I personally can't think of any.  It would make me feel extra protected knowing that folks who have experience protecting and serving would be able to continue to protect and serve.  And would give them a good career option after service.

Rep. Clardy said he thinks veterans’ experience in "weapons training and handling tense situations makes them invaluable members of law enforcement," according to KTRE.  And with the new law, veterans wouldn't have to sit through some of the police training classes to hear things they already know.  I'm curious to learn if those in police academies think this will be fair.

Thanks to all of our East Texas law enforcement officers and service members for doing what you do.  You continue to make us proud, and it sounds like there will be no slowing you down in the future.

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