Ahh Buc-ee's, when will you build a store in East Texas? We've shouted it from the rooftops that we want you here. Until then, we'll just have to drive to Terrell to get our Beaver Nuggets fix and a new shirt (that your girlfriend will ultimately steal). Until we get the hopeful, and very much longshot, news of Buc-ee's building in East Texas, we can give applause to another Texas town that is expected to get a Buc-ee's that will tie a world record.

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This news comes from the Dallas Morning News. Its behind their subscription paywall so we'll share the tweet and give you the deets without all that mess.

The town of Hillsboro is expected to be a new home for Buc-ee's. As it it says in the tweet, the local is expected to be where I-35 East and I-35 West meet. I would think it would be built in the northern quadrant but could easily be built in the eastern or western section.

Google Maps
Google Maps

The thing about this location is that it is expected to be huge. Huge enough to tie the world record size Buc-ee's currently being built in Sevier County, Tennessee, more than 74,000 square feet, making it the world's largest convivence store. The only snag seems to be a Hillsboro ordinance that caps sign height at 100 feet. Buc-ee's signs are 125 feet. Considering the economic boost Buc-ee's could bring to that area, the city council will probably make an exception here.

Hillsboro is located in Hill County with a population of 8,456 as of the 2010 census. Being that's its data from 12 years ago, I'm sure their population is higher than that. Willie Nelson was born in Abbott which is in Hill County. Bonnie and Clyde made several robberies in Hillsboro and even took a family hostage to hide for a few nights.

Congratulations to Hillsboro on the prospect of getting a new Buc-ee's. Our fingers continue to be crossed that the favorite road trip pit stop will come to East Texas.

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