So the whole conversation starts today because I was watching TV last night and was wondering how many people believe in mythical and wondrous creatures, aliens or even spirits or ghosts.

As we sit back and think, there have been numerous recordings, sightings and just people who believe in some of these things. I personally believe in a few myself.

Today on TV there are shows that capture ghosts talking and on film. Ancient people have drawn photos on rock walls portraying aliens and people still claim to see UFOs consistently. Then there are some of the other things that pop up here and there, like Bigfoot, Mermaids, Chupacabras and the Loch ness Monster. There are shows on TV and DVDs out there that try to explain or show footage of these mythical creatures.

There are many shows like Ancient Aliens that describe people and their beliefs in aliens along with footage. Then there are Ghost shows and Bigfoot shows just to prove there is something out there. So today we are polling what do you believe in.

These are the top 10 things people believe in ... or add yours and go VOTE!

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