Sorry Nickelback fans, but it looks like you are most likely NOT to having sex.  Some ladies think Chad Kroeger is sexy, which you would think would put them in the mood, but not so says an article by Tasebuds is a website that helps you meet new people who share your passion for music. According to their members, Nickelback is the band that regularly turns them off. More after the jump!

In fact, 13% of the members who responded said they find their brand of rock a turn off.  Running a close second in the turn off department is Justin Bieber - no surprise there, right?  Some of the other music turn offs were:

  • Nickelback - 13%
  • Justin Bieber - 12%
  • Lady Gaga - 9.75%
  • Ke$ha - 5%
  • Coldplay - 5%
  • U2 - 4.25%
  • Creed - 4.25%

So what do you think?  Is Nickelback that much of a turn off for you?  Below is the video for "Figured You Out."

Do you think we should be playing the new Nickelback, "Bottoms Up," on 96X? Their new album "Here and Now" is due out on November 21st.