Whoever thought this was a good idea is definitely out of touch with the was society feels is acceptable - given the recent shootings in places like Aurora, Colorado. A Missouri movie theater planned a publicity stunt for "Iron Man 3" where a man entered the theater with a team dressed in tactical gear and armed with fake guns!

A flood of 911 calls came in reporting that "a man dressed in all black and body armor is entering the Capital 8 Theater."

Needless to say, movie-goers did not think the stunt was funny. Police answered the 911 calls prepared to respond to an actual shooting. Police say the theater is lucky because if an off-duty officer had been in the theater, the scene could have ended badly for the actors who took part in the stunt.

The Capital 8 Theater has since apologized, but at first the manager had said he was not sorry about the promotion. After a media firestorm it seems he has had a change of heart:

We didn’t clearly tell our customers and some people didn’t realize it was for entertainment purposes only. We apologize that police were called to come out to our theater. We have a wonderful working relationship with the Jefferson City Police Department

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