All lovers of movie theater popcorn. This is either going to make you scratch your head, or count down the minutes until you can try it.

There’s a new topping for movie popcorn and it will leave you cheesy.  Ok, that was a little cheesy too, but I honestly think the snack food Gods read my mind on this one. Regal Cinemas announced that participating locations will combine two of my favorite snacks - popcorn and Cheetos. These cheesy snacks will be available starting Friday, Dec. 15 - just in time for Star Wars: The Last Jedi!

From Insider, the movie theater company is confident with their decision adding “Cheetos Popcorn” to their selection of movie theater snacks. About time! I have added Cheetos to my popcorn a long, long time ago.

Regal Cinemas will start selling Cheetos Popcorn on December 15th and the various flavors will be a Crunchy Cheetos and Light Cheetos popcorn - oh and also the popcorn will be coated in Cheetos dust.

Go get yourself some Cheetos popcorn this weekend. There are Regal Cinemas all over Texas. Or if you want to stay traditional with you popcorn, you can always revert back to butter.

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