The cure for breast cancer could very well be found thanks to...motorboating?

In this outrageous video from the guys on YouTube channel Simple Pickup, the fellas motorboat dozens of women after agreeing to donate $20 to breast cancer research for each lady who lets them go for a ride on their knockers.

Sure beats a bake sale, right?

The guys were definitely onto something because they had, ahem, racked up $2,080 by the end of the day. For those of you too busy clubbing yourself over the head for not thinking of using this line in a bar to do the math, that’s 104 women who took part. And those are 104 women we salute.

In addition to helping a good cause (October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, after all), the guys should also feel good knowing that not only did they get to motorboat all these women, but they got it in camera so they can relive the glory any time they see fit.

And if you think this was just a scam to get a little boobage, think again. Check out the video of the guys donating below.

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