Fozzy frontman and pro wrestler Chris Jericho recently joked that Vince Neil is "notorious" for something the Motley Crue lead singer does during shows.

That would be "singing every second or third word" and letting the audience assist him, per Jericho.

That's what the Fozzy rocker quipped earlier this month at the same time he revealed he survived a pulmonary embolism last year after a blood clot diagnosis during a thwarted U.K. tour, according to Blabbermouth.

Apparently, the breathing issues Jericho experienced onstage reminded him of the Crue vocalist.

He recalls, "Fozzy had a tour of the U.K., and the first show was in Liverpool, and that one went good. The second one was in Manchester. And then the third one, I believe, was in Newcastle. And Manchester, after the show, I went out, had a couple of drinks, and got back on the bus fairly late. And the next day in Newcastle, when we were doing the show, I felt a little winded, which was weird because I'm never winded on stage, even if it's super hot. Sometimes you play a venue with a low roof or something along those lines, and you get super hot to where you're, like, Oh my gosh. It's hard to breathe. This was not that."

Jericho was "searching for breath, gasping for breath during the songs, to where it was hard to even sing all the lyrics," he says. "I was joking, I kind of sounded like Vince Neil, who's notorious for singing every second or third word and letting the crowd fill in the rest."

Now recovered, the musician who's also an AEW Champion looked back on the diagnosis on his Talk Is Jericho podcast, describing the symptoms that led to his health scare as the band traveled.

Jericho was even "having problems walking" at the time. He recalls, "I got a call from the doctor, who said, 'You have blood clots. We can tell by the blood that we drew. You have to go directly to the hospital.' Now — pretty scary. Keep in my mind, I'm in London. I'm thousands of miles away from home in a foreign country, and now I have to go to a hospital. … They tell me very soon after, 'Yes, you've had a pulmonary embolism.' What does that mean? It means that your lungs are filled with blood clots and you are now staying in the hospital. And they went and did an ultrasound and found that there was evidence of a clot that had been in my throat."

He warns, "If a clot gets in your throat, that's getting into stroke territory. And the reason why these are so dangerous is if the blood clot breaks free and gets into your lungs, you could have some serious issues. … So this is some serious, serious shit here."

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