Oh! Yeah! Kickstart my heart! It’s good to be a rock star, as Motley Crue‘s Nikki Sixx can attest. The musician has dated and married a number of beauties over the years, and his latest girlfriend, Courtney Bingham, is ready to show off her wild side as a birthday present for the bassist. However, the birthday is not Sixx’s, but Bingham’s.

TMZ reports that the soon-to-be-27-year-old Bingham has told Sixx that it’s her intent to provide a striptease dance for the rocker on her birthday. The catch? She wants to do it onstage during a Motley Crue performance.

Before you go thinking something X-rated, Bingham is plotting a striptease more in the burlesque sense and has been practicing a routine to the Motley Crue classic ‘Girls, Girls, Girls.’ Bingham’s birthday falls on Sept. 5, with the Crue setting foot in Michigan for a performance that day. Bingham snapped a few photos from home practicing the routine, which can be seen here.

Sixx started dating Bingham after splitting from tattoo artist/TV star Kat Von D in 2010.

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