The upcoming Motley Crue & Poison tour with special guest band the New York Dolls is looking to be epic -- And what better place to start it off then in Dallas, TX. For those of you not listening this means that Summer 2011 is epic -- you get the chance to see these legends in Tyler's back yard. More after the jump.


In case you haven't heard the big news, Motley Crue & Poison are planning a tour all across the country kicking off in June.

As of right now it goes all the way to August. This is the first time the two bands have ever toured together.

Long ago bassist for Motley Crue said in an interview it would never happen. Their is still a little drama going on between Crue & Poison, but a rock show is a rock show!

Tickets have been on sale already, but hopefully you can still snag one. The shows will be big, explosive, and entertaining. Their will even be a roller coaster that Tommy Lee himself will be drumming away on.

The first show starts right near home in Dallas, TX this June 7th. They plan on stopping in San Antonio and Houston as well.

Who knows, we might be able to grab a few tickets to give away to all you Crue and Poison fanatics.

Are you looking forward to this epic show?

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