It's an epidemic!  Another week, another scandal resulting in a Lone Star State teacher being arrested for having a sexual relationship with one of the kids at their school. 

The latest incident occurred in Taylor, located about 50 miles northeast of Austin.  The high school's varsity softball coach is accused of being involved with a 17-year-old female student.

According to the Austin American-Statesman, 25-year-old Kendall Lucas, who also taught business education & coached volleyball, was the focal point of stories going around the school campus about an alleged relationship with the teenage girl last spring.  Another Taylor High School teacher heard about it from two students & informed the principal, who brought police in to investigate.  The victim told cops she'd had about 10 sexual encounters with Lucas between March & May 2016, the first time at the coach's home then subsequently in her car.

Over the past couple months we've heard about a number of similar situations, most recently in Trophy Club (near Ft. Worth), where a teacher & cheerleading coach is pregnant perhaps as a result of a sexual affair with a 15-year-old former student.  Not long before that, teachers in Lockhart (near Austin) & Grand Prairie (west of Dallas) were also arrested for improper relationships with students.

Today's Houston Chronicle has a report about a former Katy High School student filing suit against the school district for "mental anguish" following a long-term sexual relationship with her former art teacher, 42-year-old Robert Milton.

I know the world has changed a lot since my time in school (when we learned math using an abacus!), but even in more recent years, stories like this seemed to be few & far between.  Now, if a month goes by without a new incident making the news, that's the surprise!

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