We are officially less then two months away from 2018, but before we get ready to celebrate the New Year we have a few other delicious holidays to celebrate - Thanksgiving is about three weeks away. Many families will come together to enjoy a nice dinner (and avoid political talk) and spread holiday cheer but many families will not be so fortunate!

Claw Daddy’s in Mineola is spreading good eatin' and lovin' by providing free Thanksgiving lunches to anyone wanting a Thanksgiving family and meal on Thanksgiving day (Nov. 23).

Last year, Claw Daddy’s had a wonderful experience feeding 215 individuals in 2016, so this year, they are trying to feed 500. In response, the city of Mineola will close Johnson street so they can set up an additional 40 tables and 350 chairs.

The meals will be provided by customers who purchase their $50 fried turkeys and if you have any questions or like to volunteer you can contact Luke Parrish, the owner and operator of the establishment. Let’s spread the word to make sure an East Texas family has a wonderful Thanksgiving courtesy of Claw Daddy’s.

Their Facebook post is already loaded with comments on how they can help and it looks like multiple local and surrounding businesses are taking part as well.

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