Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich just participated in one of Reddit's 'Ask Me Anything' Q&A sessions yesterday (Jan. 30). The site's AMA sessions are well-known to extract new and fascinating information from the subject themselves, and this instance is no different. During the AMA session, Ulrich responded to fan questions about criticism aimed at Metallica, progress on the band's next album, the drummer's current thoughts on longtime friend / rival Dave Mustaine + much more.

Reddit user timmypix submitted the question, "When fans [criticize] Metallica in all their myriad ways, do you go "ooop, maybe they've got a point", or, "ehhh they didn't get in, soldier on?" This led to one of Ulrich's most in-depth answers from the AMA session. "It depends what the criticism is," begins Ulrich. "There are such a wide range of criticisms thrown at you nowadays because the internet gives everyone an opinion, for better or worse. And some people just spew crap for whatever reason, which I don't pay very much attention to. I'm also pretty thick-skinned by nature and actually have the ability to find it all a bit silly and laugh at most of it. But if someone's got a fair critique, I'll certainly pay attention."

Ulrich also responded to Reddit user Mystra, who asked about Lars' current relationship with former Metallica member and current Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine. "I respect him as a musician and I will always love him as a brother and as a part of Metallica," Ulrich writes.

Reddit user sharktallica put forth a great question, asking Ulrich if any future metal act could reach the larger-than-life level of bands such as Metallica, Iron Maiden or Judas Priest. "I think it would be so awesome if there was a band that come along and shook it all up again," writes Ulrich. "I just don't know who. I think the coolest band for me in the last couple years is Baroness. I also love Norwegian band Kvelertak. But I just don't know if any of these bands can take it to those heights unfortunately."

To check out the entire AMA session with Metallica's Lars Ulrich, head on over to Reddit!