The latest craze that's trending is Men's Rompers or 'RompHim' and many men are saying that they wouldn't be caught dead in those.  However, there is at least one Texan that started his own trend with "Southern Style Rompers".  Now, regular Rompers are way different from "Southern Style Rompers" and he explains why in a hilarious manner.

Tyler Simmons explains in his video:

It's not what you got.  It's what you do with what you got!

Since he couldn't afford Rompers he took matters into his own hands and took his "Liberty's" and created some Southern Style Rompers.  So when you see him coming you know that's a bad man because he he is romping with a country 'tude.

He's looking cool as ever with his "Southern Style Ropers" on because you know why


He's a dang on Cowboy!

So take it in everybody. Tyler is comfortable in these rompers and according to him, if you want to keep your manhood and still be trendy, get you some some of these.

I have watched this video about 10 times and this is comedic gold! The video has been viewed over 8.7 million times on Facebook as of this writing. 

Then you got this guy who is just comfortable with it.

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