Last year Seth Meyers brought Jon Snow to a dinner party, only to realize the bastard was the word guest ever. It was a very bad decision, but it appears as if Seth has not learned from his mistakes. Last night on Late Night, Seth brought another Game of Thrones star, The Red Priestess, Melisandre, to his wife’s baby shower aaaaaand it didn’t go well.

Baby showers are traditionally very upbeat and positive affairs with the women in attendance offering gifts and support to the mother-to-be. Melisandre knows nothing about positivity and instead brought with her despair and darkness.

It’s a pretty fantastic bit of comedy to have Melisandre, who once gave birth to a shadow demon, at a posh, yuppie baby shower. When one friend of the family says, “Boy or girl, having a child is like heaven,” Melisandre replies, “There is no heaven, only hell, and it’s the one we’re living in now.”

One can only hope that eventually we see what happens when Seth invites Hodor somewhere.

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